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Amigurumi Crochet Kit

Rex the Dino | Beginner Crochet Kit

Rex the Dino | Beginner Crochet Kit

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Do you want a matching keychain? (Colour: Dark Blue)

Introducing Rex, the cool blue dino with spikes of sunshine – because even prehistoric pals know how to rock style! 🦖🔵🔶

Do I need prior experience with crocheting?

Our crochet kits are tailor-made for total beginners like you to make learning crochet POSSIBLE. 

If you are totally new to crocheting, we suggest that you start off with Beginner kits and crochet your way from there. 

What makes the Squishy Pals crochet kits different from other amigurumi crochet kits?

  • Detailed step by step video tutorials for every crochet kit, ensuring that you have all the guidance and confidence you need to succeed
  • Specially chosen beginner-friendly yarn
  • Various levels for you to progress your skills and discover new techniques

What you'll get with one of our amigurumi crochet kits

  • Our anti-fray yarn, perfect for total beginners!
  • Kid-safe tapestry needle
  • Safety eyes/noses with backing (dependent on kit's design)
  • Stitch markers
  • Hypoallergenic fiberfill stuffing
  • Detailed video instructions
  • Crochet pattern downloadable as a PDF
  • New crocheting skill and most importantly, a new cuddly friend!

Who should get this?

Perfect as a creative/self-care gift for yourself or a craft-loving friend. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Karmila Kasmani
A new hobby found

Loved the comprehensive kits and easy to follow videos :) My dino came out looking wonky but I'm just amazed I managed to crochet something together haha

Kai Xin
Super Fun & Accessible!

I really appreciate how easily accessible and approachable the squishypals crochet kits are! Bought a couple on impulse because I saw that they have step-by-step video tutorials, and now I have a new hobby that is therapeutic and satisfying :D

Good Fun for Beginners

As a beginner, I bought the full kit. The step by step instruction and demonstration provided by The Squishy Pals were easy to follow. Though I had to restart a couple of times due to lost of stitch count and forgetting to place my marker, it was great fun and therapeutic. I also felt a sense of accomplishment when I completed my piece.

My own very Rex!

This was an absolute delight to crochet! I've tried some of their other beginner crochet kits before and I have been looking for a little dino to crochet too. I love that this was made easy to understand. I've managed to complete it, with just the videos. Thank you for making this my new favourite hobby!