Amigurumi & Crochet
  • What is the difference between amigurumi and crochet?
    • Amigurumi is a specific style of crocheting, referring to the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures and toys. The term "amigurumi" is derived from the Japanese words "ami" (meaning "knitted" or "crocheted") and "nuigurumi"(meaning "stuffed doll").
  • I've crocheted before. Will I be too advanced for The Squishy Pals kits?
    • There are many different techniques involved in making amigurumi (e.g. crocheting in rounds vs rows) vs traditional crocheting. So, come have some fun, learn some new techniques and make some cute Squishy Pals with our kits! 

The Squishy Pals Kit

    • Which kit should I start with?
      • Start with the Beginner kits! They are a great gateway to start your journey with crochet. We've designed our kits where you get to learn new techniques every new kit. So definitely play around with a few Beginner Kits!
    • Do I need to purchase additional materials?
      • Nope! We have everything you need in our kit. If you are a complete beginner and do not have a hook, please select the option with the hook. Recommended hook size will be indicated in the product description.
    • Is it really possible for beginners to learn from your kit vs going to an in-person workshop vs learning from YouTube?
      • Absolutely! We crafted a kit with beginners with 0 experience in mind. This means that not only do our kits contain all the materials you need, most importantly also including a a step-by-step learning process to guide you through your first amigurumi project. Our tutorials are short and clear, providing you with only the essential information needed at every step to complete your project. Best of all, we have kept the prices affordable!
    • Can kids learn with your kit?
      • Our kits are designed for crafters aged 12 and above, but we have seen younger kids successfully learning crochet and creating their own incredibly cuddly companions. However, it's important to note that certain components like the safety eyes are small and may present potential choking hazards to both pets and kids alike. We highly recommend parental supervision to ensure a safe and enjoyable crafting experience. 
    • How long will it take to finish one kit?
      • Typically, it takes about 4 to 12 hours for a complete beginner to finish a project. But remember, it's not about how fast you crochet! We genuinely hope that you savour the experience of learning a new skill and take pleasure in the journey. And in the end, you'll have a Squishy Pal that's uniquely yours - a delightful creation that brings joy and warmth. So take your time, enjoy the process, and create something truly special! 
    • Why should I get more kits if I can just learn from one?
      • To learn more techniques and make more cute Squishy Pals! We also have exciting plans for more Squishy Pals that you will not want to miss! The world of crochet is endless :)
    • Can I sell the projects I've made from your patterns?
      • Only in small quantities, and you need to credit The Squishy Pals for the pattern. You have to use your own photos as well.
    • Can I redistribute/resell/share your pattern?
      • No. All patterns' rights remain with The Squishy Pals.


    • What are the shipping options?
    • Where do you ship to right now?
      • Currently we only ship domestically in Singapore. We will look to expand our destinations as we grow. 
    • I didn't receive the package.
      • All of our orders come with a tracking number. Our choice of courier (Singpost and Ninjavan) can also produce a proof of delivery. As long as the Squishy Pals is able to show proof that we have fulfilled and dispatched your order, unfortunately we will not be able to take responsibility for any potential issues that happens after the order has been dispatched (e.g. if courier send it to the wrong block, if courier left it outside the house and package got stolen) as these are beyond our control.